15 04 2008

Welcome to, a blog about the casual game side of indie games and development.

My name is Joshua Dallman and I am the blog’s editor and chief author. I am myself an independent developer; as Red Thumb Games, developing casual and indie games, and as a game producer at GarageGames. I am an indie game development advocate and longtime blogger, and now a casual game industry advocate as well.

This blog will feature regular guest authors writing short pieces about newsworthy subjects or practical tips. You’ll read articles straight from the indie developers out there who are making games and getting them published.

Developers, aspiring developers, publishers, distributors, and even players of casual and independent games will find posts here of interest. Topics may include development, technical articles, art tips, design strategy, prototyping, business/industry, marketing, current topics (social networks, microtransactions, in-game advertising), opinion pieces, and reaction to news events.

If you’re an indie considering making casual games, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re a casual game developer who’s independent, let’s share and learn from each other.

My email is listed on the about page. If you’re interested in writing a piece or just want to get in touch, please drop me a line. Thanks for reading, and welcome!

Joshua Dallman



One response

29 04 2008
Mario Alem

Hey, this is a good idea! Blogs are a great way to stay aware of indie development. Since you work with it I’m sure there will be good information on your blog. I will come back for sure :)

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